Bamboo Slack Task Plugin


  • In your slack account, create a Bot user that can access the channel you want to post messages in.
  • Take the Bot Auth Token given by slack to use it in the configuration of the task as explained below.

How does the Bamboo task work

  1. Login to Bamboo

  2. Go to your build or deployment projects configuration

  3. Add the task “Slack Notification Task”

  4. Fill the required parameters

    Note that the auth token is then encrypted and never saved in clear text in database.

    The Slack Auth Token will be verified when clicking on Save button. If correct, then the channel will be verified too, to check if on this Auth Token this channel is accessible.

    If the attachment path given do not point to a valid file at the execution time, it will be ignored, and the notification message will still be sent.

  5. Save

  6. Run the plan

  7. The notification(s) should have been sent to slack.